• Coigach History
    Coigach History

    Settlements along the coast around Coigach and the north west Highlands indicate there have been people living, fishing and farming here for thousands of years.

    The pictish fort at Dun Canna is testament to the number of people here during the iron ages, and the broch (old fort) ruins at Polglass and further up the coast at Inver Polly and Clachtoll can be visited with ease. The Norsemen (Vikings) have left traces in place names around the area and the crofting ruins and modern small farms still working the land tell of the working families who have settled the area for generations.

  • Coigach Crofting
    Coigach & The Land

    The landscape leading here and all around is breathtaking. Glacier valleys, mountains, wooded glens, flowing rivers, wild beaches and rugged coastlines all tell tales of the geological developments of the land.

    The Moine Thrust runs along this coast buckling the rocks and land. The peaks and mountains provide relaxing walks and challenging climbs alike. The area was designated a Geopark Park in regonition of the unique and outstanding geological features of the region and there are visitor centres and numerous sites of interest within walking, cycling or easy driving distance of Badenscallie..

  • Coigach & The Sea
    Coigach & The Sea

    You are never far from the sea on the Coigach Peninsula. Badenscallie beach is minutes from the cottage and Achnahaird is close by along with Achmelvick along the coast. The cottage has an outstanding panorama of the Summer Islands - beautiful jewels in scattered across the sea out to the Minch.

    Boats trips and Kayaking expeditions can take you out to explore and visit the Isles and the local fishermen still work the sea of the coast around us, landing some of the finest shellfish in the world.

  • Coigach & Nature
    Coigach & Nature

    You won't be surprised to learn that such an unspoilt environment is home to a vast variety of wildlife. Deer graze the hills around us whilst sea birds roam the shoreline and both Golden and White Tailed Sea Eagles soar in the skies overhead.

    The sea in front of us is visited by seals, basking sharks, dolphin, porpoise and even Minke Whales and Orca. The boat trips can take you up close to the sea life but just paying attention whilst walking about or sitting quietly in the garden will often offers some surprising results.